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In the feast of fascinating Indian culture, BETTIAH (West Champaran Bihar) has been a cultural pivot of Indian Classical Music since the era of His Execllency Bettiah Maharaja, which is a well known for " Dhrupad ".

The eldest son of (Late) Mahesh Prasad, Ranjan has been surrounded by the musical atmosphere since his childhood by the grace of his musicologist and poet hearted father in order that he developed his sense of music and enthusiastic passion for it.As toddler, Ranjan's introduction with music started with Vocal music, thereafter, he deepened himself in his violin training under Guru Sri T.M.Patnaik (Diciple of legendary violinist Dr. Dwram Venkataswamy Naidu). The able guidance of Sri Patnaik and hours of devotional practice led Ranjan to attain high maturity to improve his imagination power and melodious musical skill. His fervour for learning for innovative style in violin playing infatuated and dragged him to Chennai(Tamilnadu) under the rarest guidence of Padmamshree M.S. Gopalakrishnan Here, he rejuvenated his violin playing in"Hindustani Gayaki Ang"(Parur msg style) by imbibing continuous techniques of musical richness.

Ranjan, a pursuant of Ph.D. in music and an honours graduate in History,is well known name for either A.I.R. or Doordarshan Kendra. His performance in several prestigious and glorious musical concerts as Solo, Accompaniment as well as Duet performer with the other instruments on the violin made him the star of audience' eyes. His classical-orchestra conduction and fusion musical skills either for Doordarshan or for other private channels or public musical concerts left a indeliable impresion in womb of audience's heart. His accompany on the violin with almost all the recognised leading Dhrupad, Khayal and light classical vocalists strengthened his position in the eye of musical stalwarts.    

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